Borderlight APK v1.5.2 Free Download and Installation Process

Borderlight APK


Elegant Style s.r.o

Borderlight APK has made its uniqueness from the other wallpaper apps. How? Cause it’s not any kind of usual wallpaper app.

By default, the app is extremely simple. The signature feature of this app is, when you open this app, it will suggest you set an animated wallpaper with a thin borderline. Yes, it will not change your phone wallpaper, but the animated thin borderline will provide a different look to your smartphone.

In this short discussion, I’ll cover the key features of this app that you may find interesting. Later on, I’ll provide the direct download link as well.

App Information

Application Name

Borderlight APK



Required Platform

Android 6.0 (Lollypop) or Higher





Developer Team

Elegant Style s.r.o

Number of Installations







What Features Can Border Light Application Offer?

Borderlight APK is an extremely simple app. So it doesn’t hold too many features. The developer team behind the app tried to keep the app simple compared to the android launchers. And they are entirely successful in this regard.

  • RGB Effect: After opening the app when you will activate the wallpaper, it will add a thin border with an RGB effect. This effect will provide a gaming vibe on your smartphone screen.
  • Border Color Customization: You are allowed to customize the RGB effect by bringing changes in color. And you can customize color tempo as well.
  • Line Customization: It’s not compulsory to add borderline on your screen in default size. You can broaden or shorten the width of the borderline by using the dedicated option.
  • App Decoration: Generally the apps that we install on our phone are organized automatically by following the usual way. But in this app, you will experience great diversity in app decoration.
  • On-Screen Display: You can set and enjoy the wallpaper effect all the time, even when your smartphone is locked as well! In screen-locked condition, you can see notifications on your screen. And the RGB effect will still be functional!
  • Different Kinds of Borders: In this app, you will get a decent library of border collections. You can choose one of these stylish borders to make the visual experience of your smartphone unique.

How to Download This App?

On the Google Play Store, the app was officially released. So you can consider downloading it from there But from some particular android devices, you may not find this app over there. Even it generally happens for the variation of the Android OS and the custom UI as well. So, it’s a good practice to be updated with the Latest Android Updates!

That means you’ll need an alternative so that you can install this phone on your app. And that’s why I put the direct download link somewhere in this discussion. You can use the link anytime and download it easily.

The installation procedure is easy as well. In that regard, you just have to follow the traditional process.

Precautions Before Installing Borderlight Live Wallpaper!

Though the app is extremely minimalistic and simple, it has some sensitive sides that you should take into consideration before installing the app. Have a look-

  • Avoid Rooted Devices: In rooted devices, the sensitive access to your phone OS remains opened. In that case, installing this app will not be good for your device’s health.
  • Uninstall Similar Apps: Before installing this app on your phone, make sure if another wallpaper app is activated on your device or not. Otherwise, Borderlight APK can crash while installing and activating on your device.
  • Disable Antivirus: Sometimes antivirus apps detect third-party apps as harmful. But in real cases, these are not harmful at all. So keeping antivirus will be a good practice before installing the app on your device.

Ending Note

So, there is no doubt that the Borderlight APK is an interesting app. But considering its features, it’s minimalistic. It’s true that this app is not the only option. There are other similar quality apps available on the internet. But the unique thing about this app is- if simplicity is your first priority, then this app is definitely a great recommendation for you.

  • File type : apk
  • Version : v1.5.2
  • File Size : 3.58MB