Castle Crush Mod APK v4.6.0 Free Download for Android Phone

download castle crush mod app

Castle Crush Mod APK is the modified version of the official Castle Crush game that is hugely popular among android gamers. Till today, more than 50M people have downloaded the game for its immense popularity.

This is basically a duel category game where the battle begins between two castles. Your goal is to bring down the enemy castle by using your troops. On the other hand, your opponent will also try to bring your castle down by beating your troops. Using proper strategies and techniques, you have to figure out how to smash and turn the enemy castle into ashes!

This modified version of this game is different than usual. In this discussion, I’ll mention why this game is so special.

App Information

Application Name

Castle Crush Mod APK



Required Platform

Android 5.0 (Jellybean) or Higher


109 MB



Developer Team


Number of Installations







  • File type : Castle Crush Mod APK
  • Version : v4.6.0
  • File Size : 109 MB

download castle crush mod app

The Features of Castle Crush Mod APK

In the following lines, I have tried to mention the key features of Castle Crush Epic Battle Mod APK. Have a look!

  • Unlimited Money: To buy new troops, you will need money to spend. But the unlimited amount of money will allow you to buy any advanced troop without any inconvenience.
  • Unlimited Gems: Gems are needed for upgrading the ability and power of any troop instantly. In the official version, you’ll get a limited amount of gems. This version can allow you to get unlimited gems to use.
  • Anti Ban Feature: The common problem in most of the modified android apps or games is, the user account gets banned. The anti-ban technology of this game has solved this issue.
  • New Cards: It’s a boring experience if you play with ordinary cards/troops. But in this mod version, you will find an extensive diversity in terms of using troops while you are battling against your opponent.
  • Real-Time Dueling: This is not an ordinary offline game. You and your opponent will have to play in real-time. So, the duel battle is also in real-time.
  • Free Daily Card: Depending on your daily activity you will get free daily cards. This feature is available in the official version as well.

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How to Download the Mod Version?

As I said before, the official version of this game is available on the Google Play Store. If you would like to play that version, you can install it directly from there. But to enjoy the mod features, you have to download the modified version.

In that case, the process is pretty simple. I have given the castle crush mod APK unlimited gems 2021 download link in this discussion. By clicking on the download button, you can get this version on your phone easily.

Disclaimers Before Installing

Since this is a modified version, so you need to consider taking some precautions before installing it. Let me tell you the primary disclaimers that you put in your mind before installing it on your phone.

  • Disclaimer 1: Don’t install this game on your rooted device. Even after installing it on your unrooted phone, don’t root the phone.
  • Disclaimer  2: Don’t keep your antivirus app active before installing the app. It may identify the modified castle crush as harmful. But in reality, this file doesn’t hold any harmful script.

Ending Words

I know, there are some other popular games like Castle Crush Mod APK that got immense popularity among android gamers. Compared to those games, this one is also can be considered as similar, but different from some aspects as well. Decent visual experience, nice background score, and compatibility have made the game unique.

If you are a duel game lover, then this is the must-play game for you!