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The keyboard is a major part of any android smartphone. But is there any dedicated keyboard for emoji lovers?  Introducing Emoji Keyboard APK!

Compared to other traditional keyboards, this keyboard holds something interesting that most of the popular keyboards can’t offer. This is basically the daily tool that can allow you to use an enormous amount of emojis while you are chatting. On the other hand, it holds some other jaw-dropping features that you may find interesting.
In this short discussion, you will find the list of key features of this keyboard. And you will get the direct download link of the keyboard!

App Information

Application Name

Emoji Keyboard APK



Required Platform

Android 5.0 (Jellybean) or Higher


15.8 MB



Developer Team

Kika Tech Inc. P.O. Box

Number of Installations






download emoji keyboard app

The Jaw-Dropping Features of Emoji Keyboard APK!

Well, this keyboard is called the Instagram verified Emoji Keyboard APK as well. Now it’s time to reveal the exciting features that have made the keyboard unique! Have a look-

  • A Rich Collection of Emojis: This keyboard holds about 3000+ emojis, emoticons, and GIFs to add a different taste while you are chatting with your buddies.
  • 150 Languages: You can chat with your friend in more than 150 languages using this keyboard. You can choose your desired language with what you are comfortable enough to chat.
  • Musical Function: Have a unique experience with this musical feature while chatting with your friends! This feature will allow you to make tunes of guitar, violin, piano, and some other instruments while chatting.
  • Autocorrection Feature: Human is always liable to error, but this keyboard isn’t! This super handy feature will act as your assistant to correct your wrongly typed/spelled words automatically and instantly!
  • Voice Typing: When your typing is bad, this voice typing feature will write your words on your behalf! Your task is just to turn on the feature and say what you want to type.
  • 1000+ Emoji Themes: To enhance the beauty of your keyboard, more than 1000 themes are available for you! It provides a unique look to your keyboard that you can’t help loving!
  • Gesture Typing: You are already familiar with this feature. Typing with gestures was and is always a handy process to type fast.

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The Easiest Downloading Process

You can find Emoji Keyboard APK on the Google Play Store. But sometimes from some particular smartphone, the app is not visible. This scenario is common for other popular keyboards such as Touchpal Keyboard, Grammarly Keyboard, Ridmik Keyboard, etc. But that doesn’t mean that those keyboards are not supported on your smartphone.

You just have to manage to download this app from any trusted third-party site. But you can use our link to have this keyboard on your phone as well. Use the download button to directly download this on your phone.

Is It Safe to Use This Keyboard?

Well, In my opinion, this is entirely safe! Why? There are multiple reasons behind it. Let me tell you!

  • I have provided exactly that particular version of this app, that is available on the Google Play Store
  • The app is not modified at all!
  • Till today, we found no users making complain against this keyboard.

So, these factors clearly indicate, the keyboard is entirely safe to use as your daily driver.

Ending Note

After all, Emoji Keyboard APK is a fun keyboard! You will have a fun experience while chatting and get enough convenience at the same time. The developer team behind this app is working hard constantly to improve quality. Hope you will love the extensive facility of this app!

  • File type : Emoji Keyboard APK
  • Version : v3.4.3329
  • File Size : 15.8 MB