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WhatsApp is the most used messaging platform for communication in today’s world. The app introduced some features to stop spamming but to do so creates some disadvantages. Like you can’t share more than 30 photos at a time, videos that are larger than 16 MB, and files more than 100 MB. Limitations of features are one of the main shortcomings of WhatsApp. It’s an annoying matter that many users prefer the modified version of WhatsApp to break the barriers. The popularity of modified versions of WhatsApp like WhatsApp Plus, YoWhatsApp, GBWhatsapp is increasing day by day. FMWhatsApp Apk is one of the best-modified apps. This article will describe the features of the app along with the FM WhatsApp Download process.

fmwhatsapp downloadAbout FMWhatsApp Apk 

FMWhatsApp Apk is an enhanced and modified version of the original WhatsApp. The app was introduced by a developer called Fouad Mokdad to overcome the limitations and restrictions of WhatsApp. Besides, some customized features are also available in this application. For some unique features, the app stands out from the other modified WhatsApp Apk. Like different WhatsApp modes, this app is also not available in the Google Play Store. You have to download it from a third-party website. 

Main pros of FM WhatsApp download

The FMWhatsApp Apk introduced some unique features that make it better than the official WhatsApp. The list is quite long. So be patient, and let’s explore the features.  

Privacy features

Like most of the modified versions, FMWhatsApp Apk also gives the chance to hide your activity. Which includes-

Hide last seen

Sometimes, we are worried about our last seen option but at the same time want to see others. WhatsApp does not allow this duality. In case you hide your last seen, you can’t see others too. Meanwhile, FMWhatsApp Apk gives you a chance to freeze your last seen while you can still see others.      

Hide blue tick

Antisocial behavior or due to a fuss in any case sometimes we cannot reply to a message after reading it. At that time, the blue tick already showed that you read the message. Most of the time, not responding to a message after reading it creates misunderstanding. In this instance, hiding your text seen status must be a practical approach. FMWhatsApp Apk provides features to hide the blue tick and help you to keep a good relationship.   

Hide message delivery tick

Some people become more upset if someone has not even read their message. To maintain a good connection with them, you can hide your availability in this app. 

 Hide View Status option

Viewing one’s story and ignored by them has become one of the most prestigious issues at present. So for your self-satisfaction, you can hide the view status option. By doing so, others can not realize you have visited them.    

Hide Typing and Recording text

One of the irritating features of messaging media is, it shows the typing and recording text. Sometimes if you discard a message, the other party asks questions about it. To skip this type of situation, you can use the hide typing and recording features. 

Exclusive Features

These features are the ones that make the app different from other WhatsApp mods. Let’s see what they are.

No need to save a contact

In original WhatsApp, you need to save a contact before sending a message to them. But FMWhatsApp Apk allows you to send messages to a user without saving their number on your device.

Disable the Forward tag

Think about the new year wish. It’s so awkward if you send someone a wish with the forwarding tag. At the same time, repeatedly writing the same message might become bothersome work. So it’s far better to disable the Forward title and use the same template to spread your wish. And in the FMWhatsApp Apk, you can easily do it.   

View the Deleted content

The most exciting feature of FMWhatsApp Apk is you can view others deleted contents like their story or deleted message. However, it’s an unethical advantage, at the same time an amazing one.   

Limit increasing 

The app allows you to send 60 photos at a time, and you can share any file up to 700 MB. Along with this, you can create a group chat that contains 500 people.   


FMWhatsApp Apk has a vast collection of themes and colors. You can experiment with them if you need. The fact is, all of them are free to use. So, you can easily download your preference from the library and apply them as you like. 

Limitations of FMWhatsApp Apk

The original WhatsApp is full of limitations, so it’s natural that it also has some problems. For your better understanding, let’s see what the cons you can face in this application are. 

  • The first one is the privacy issue. The developers have the full authority to view your conversation. If you are bothered about the fact, it’s better for you not to install the app. But the truth is, in this digital era, your information is already out there. So, it would be best if you did not keep anything private on your android device, whether it contains third-party apps or not.   
  • The second is speed. The app’s functionality is slower than the original WhatsApp. 

Process of FM WhatsApp Apk Download

Now, come to the essential part that is the way of FMWhatsApp download. As I mentioned earlier, the app is not available in the Google Play Store. The process of the latest version download is not very hard. Here we provide a link for download free FMWhatsApp latest version. But before downloading the file, first, enable the ‘Unknown Source’ from your android phone setting. Go to the Settings option, then Security. In this part, you can find the option for enabling Unknown Source. Next, go to the link for FMWhatsApp Download Apk. Download the file and install it. The installation way is the same as the real WhatsApp.

How to Update FMWhatsApp

The developers are very attentive towards its users. They always try to fix the limitations and keep the app updated. Therefore, the updated version becomes better than the previous. So, you may ask how to update FMWhatsApp after installing it. The answer is, there is a built-in updated feature available on FMWhatsApp Apk. The path is, settings>>Updates>>Check for Update. From this option, you can check whether an update is available or not. If there is an update, it will notify you, and you can download the updated version from there. 

Besides, Android Blue always tries to provide the updated link for an app’s latest version download. So, you can keep an eye on this website. If any update comes for the application, we will provide the link as soon as possible. Hence, you can re-download the file, and the installation process is the same as before.


Question 1- can FMWhatsApp Apk run along with the official WhatsApp

        Answer- no, unfortunately, you have to uninstall the original WhatsApp app before installing the FMWhatsApp Apk.

Question 2-  What is the minimum requirement to install the app?

        Answer- you can install the app on a very low-end phone. You need only Android four and above. 

Question 3- when was the app last updated?

        Answer- the latest version, 8.70, was updated in January 2021. 

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  • File type : FMWhatsApp APK
  • Version : FMWhatsApp v8.70
  • File Size : 45.3 MB

Conclusion : Conclusion The primary WhatsApp will always be on top. But if you want some extra features along with freedom, you can try out the WhatsApp modifications. As shown above, you might get it by now that the FMWhatsApp download may not be a loss project for you. You can definitely try it out, and let’s see if this becomes your most used messaging app or not.