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Ever wondered about the beauty of the Google Setting APK? No, you didn’t. But this time you will!

Google setting APP is not any external APP to be installed from the Google Play Store. Rather, every android user gets this on his phone by default. This is the one-stop solution for managing almost all the Google activity that you make in your day-to-day life.

The thing is, this APP is known as Google Play Services as well. So today, I will discuss 10 exciting features regarding this APP that can help to increase your user experience. Each of these features will cover a short brief about the feature and the using procedure as well.

Without further I talk, let’s directly jump right into the discussion.

Do You Really Need Google Setting APK?

Well, the question is tricky, but the answer is not! It depends on your user behavior that if this APP is necessary for you or not. However, I can mention several points when you can keep this APP on your phone. 

  • When you use multiple Gmail accounts and switch them frequently
  • When you want to manage all of your Google activity from a single platform
  • For monitoring the overall security
  • For doing google setting APK FRP bypassing

Google Setting APK

Some other things could be mentioned here. But I have highlighted the highlighted points that are necessary for most users. But, If you want to know more reasons behind the popularity of this APP, keep engaged with the article and let yourself know what uniques this APP can allow you to enjoy!

1. Customize Your Google Play Notifications

Almost every APP that you have installed on your phone sends push notifications that you may find annoying. This can allow you to customize your notification settings so that you can get rid of such things. On the other hand, sometimes the situation occurs; for some APPs, you need push notifications. In that case, you can turn on the notification too by using this Google Play services hidden settings APK.


  • Open Google Setting APP
  • Now tap on Play Games
  • You will be shown some different type of notifications such as Request Notifications, Multiplaye Notifications, and Priority Notifications
  • Tick or untick these notifications considering which types of notifications you are interested to get and which you don’t.

2.  APP Verification Functionality

This feature is essential for enhancing the security of your phone by allowing you to perform APP verification. When you turn on the feature, the APP will show you a warning notification, next time when you will install any harmful APPlication on your device. This feature was introduced to prevent you from installing harmful third-party APPs that can vulnerate your phone security.


  • Open the Google Setting  option
  • Tap on the Verify APP icon
  • You will see a single line mentioning something regarding verifying APPs
  • Tick or Untick to Enable or Disable APP verification

3. Enable/Disable Location

Yes I know, android allows us to enable location access from the notification panel. But enabling it from the google setting APK is different in this case. In most cases, there exist many APPs that don’t need location access to function, but still, they take the access. This APP will allow you to turn on/off manually location access for any particular APP that you frequently use.


  • Open the APP again
  • Tap on the APPs option
  • You will see the list of APPs that you have installed
  • Tap on your desired APP that you want to manipulate
  • Tap on Permissions
  • Navigate the Location option and turn it off/on considering your wish

4. Third-Party APP Data or Cache Removing

When your use any third-party APP on your device where you have added your Gmail credentials, all the data will be stored in your Google account. This feature is helpful when you use multiple devices and use the same APPs simultaneously, as it helps to fetch the data from your old device and store it on your new device.

If you don’t want to activate such a feature or install the APPs as brand new on your new device with the same Gmail credential, this APP can help you out.


  • Open the APP again
  • Tap on the three-dot menu icon located at the top-right corner
  • Select clear APP data
  • Choose your desired Gmail account, from which you want to remove all the APP data.
  • Read the warning before you proceed.
  • Tap on OK, and all the APP data will be removed immediately.

5. Enable Android Device Manager

This feature is handy to out your lost phone and erase data or lock your phone remotely. The APP I am talking about in the whole discussion can allow you to use the android device manager option and enjoy the unique feature. You can call your lost phone from any android device where no SIM card will be needed to be inserted. The phone will ring, and you can find it easily if you have lost it in your house. But if someone else gets your phone, then you have the option to lock it permanently.

This feature is already activated on your device. If not, follow the procedure below to activate.


  • Open the Google setting APP
  • Find the option Android Device Manager
  • You will get two separate options. One is Remotely Locate This Device, and the other is  Allow Remote Lock and Erase
  • Now go to your phone settings
  • Find the option security and tap on it to enter
  • Tap on the Find My Device 
  • Your lost phone will get a notification and start to ring
  • You can see the location of your lost phone on the map (If the Google Map service is active on your lost phone and has an active internet connection)

6. Control Over Ads

It’s a very annoying experience when your phone frequently shows your too many advertisements on your device. This APP can allow you to opt-out from interest-based advertisements. Furthermore, you can reset your present advertising ID anytime as well to make sure a peaceful environment with minimal advertisements.


  • Open the Google Setting APPlication
  • Now tap on Ads
  • Tap on the Reset Advertising ID
  • It will generate a new Advertising ID that will be responsible for showing only minimal advertisement on your phone based only on your recent activity
  • Tap on the back button to get back to the previous page
  • From the page, tap on the put the tick mark on the options Opt-out of Interest-Based Ads

Download Google Setting APK

7. Monitor Over the Connected APPs

There are very few contemporary APPs are available on the Play Store that doesn’t need Gmail access to run. But all the users are not big fans of it. It’s true that when you connect your Gmail with any particular APP, the activity that you make with the APP is stored in the cloud that is helpful when you start using a new device instead of the older one. But, as Gmail takes some personal information regarding your activity, some people don’t like this thing.

With this feature, you can monitor which APPs are taking your Gmail access, and on other hand disable it anytime. Exciting! Isn’t it?


  • Open Google Settings
  • You find a bunch of options
  • Navigate the Connected APPs option and tap on that
  • Now you will see the list of APPs that are connected with Google
  • Tap on any particular APP that you want to disconnect from Gmail
  • Scroll down and tap on the disconnect button

8. Manage Google Plus Auto Backup

I know Google Plus is not that popular compared to the other social media floating around the internet. But still, in 2021, there are many users who still love Google Plus for some interesting reasons. However, if you are one of them, the Google setting APP can allow you to enable or disable the auto-backup feature. You can customize your account setting as well if you wish to do so.


  • Connect your device with any WiFi network
  • If you don’t have a WiFi network, turn on your mobile data
  • Open the Google Setting APPlication
  • Tap on the Auto Backup
  • From the Auto Backup section, you can easily backup any files to the Google Drive
  • Get back to the previous page
  • Now go to the Google Account
  • Find the Google Plus APP
  • Tap on that, and you will find all the necessary settings regarding Google Plus, including the backup process as well

9. Control Over Google Drive

Google Drive is the most popular cloud storage service in the world. Over 5B people are actively using this mobile APPlication regularly. With the Google Setting APPlication, you can easily control Google Drive, especially when it uploads files on its own! However, in most cases, this thing happens when the internet connection is turned on. To fix this, you can use the Google Setting APP. 


  • Open the Google Setting APK
  • Go to Data Management
  • Tap on the Update drive-enabled APP files option
  • Now select the option Transfer files only over WiFi

10. Manage the Smart Lock for Password Feature

Memorizing the sign-in credentials and use them for the different Google APPs is a monotonous process. So Google introduced a magnificent solution to solve that by integrating the Smart Lock for Password feature. When you start the google setting APK download process and install it on your phone, and this feature is enabled, it will save your Gmail credential and automatically use it when you try to sign in to any Google APPs.

At the initial stage, Google introduced this feature for Google Chrome. But now, this feature is integrated with the OS.


  • Open the Google Setting APP
  • Tap on the Security & Password
  • Now tap on Smart Lock for Password
  • Enable or disable it considering your wish

Ending Words

There exist some other features of Google Setting APK that I didn’t mention in the article. Because I promised, I will discuss the highlighted 10 features that will help in your day-to-day usage. On the other hand, this APP is super easy to use and can provide you highest convenience. If you need it, you can install it on your phone to enjoy its extensive features.

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