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Why are you searching for the JTWhatsApp Download link? The answer is - you want to enjoy some enhanced features that you can’t find in the official WhatsApp.
Now another question occurs - there are so many modified WhatsApp available on the internet that can provide the enhanced features that you are looking for. But why should you download JTWhatsApp instead of installing these? The answer is tricky!

Yes! There is no doubt that those third-party WhatsApp can offer you almost the same features that you are looking for. And some tech enthusiasts think that Telegram is going to be the next big thing in the near future.
What if JTWhatsApp can offer you the features that are offered by both Telegram and official WhatsApp? Here comes the beauty of this app!

App Information

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Android 5.0 (Jellybean) or Higher


46.6 MB



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United States


The Key Features of JTWhatsApp New Version 2023!

Compared to the other modified versions of the official WhatsApp such as WhatsApp Plus, OG WhatsApp, etc,  JT WhatsApp can offer you something more unique! I will provide you the JTWhatsApp Download link later.

But before that, I want to mention some key features of this app-

  • Multiple Accounts: Generally WhatsApp discourages its users not to use more than one account. But this WhatsApp will allow you to use multiple accounts simultaneously.
  • Send Up To 90 Photos: Sending images one by one is an extremely monotonous and time-consuming process. But now you can send up to 90 images at a time!
  • Standard Image Quality: The official WhatsApp always compresses your sent or received images for saving their server space. As the consequence, the image quality gets distorted. In this WhatsApp, you won’t face such issues at all!
  • Increased Word Limit: While you will be chatting your text limit is 139 characters for WhatsApp status. But this app will allow you to write up to 250 characters for this particular section.
  • Active Status: Like Facebook messenger, you can see the active status of our other WhatsApp buddies. On the other hand, you can turn on and off your active status as well.
  • Large Video Sending: By using the official WhatsApp you can send small-sized videos. But using JT WhatsApp you can send videos that are 30 MB in size.
  • Customize Visuals: You can customize your app icon, text styles, icon size, customize themes, etc considering your choice.
  • Hide Last Seen Status: It can allow you to hide your last message seen status from the receivers.

JTWhatsapp Download Process

First of all, the app is not an official app. So there is no official JTWhatsApp Download process. So you have to download it manually from any third-party resources.

For your convenience, I have given the direct download link of JTWhatsApp. I suggest you download the app from here. The process is simple and straightforward.

How to Install JTWhatsApp?

The installing process is super simple as well. To install it on your phone, follow the below steps.

  • Step-1: If the official WhatsApp is installed on your phone, uninstall it first
  • Step-2: Download JTWhatsApp by following the process I have mentioned above
  • Step-3: Disable play protect from the Google Play Store
  • Step-4: Enable the option “Installing files from unknown sources” from your phone settings
  • Step-5: Now install the downloaded file by following the usual process

Is This Modified WhatsApp Safe to Use?

In single words - it’s safe! But Here I should mention some necessary words regarding this version.

WhatsApp inc is highly aware of all other modified WhatsApp. They don’t encourage any user to use any kind of mod version. So, regarding this, our recommendation will be - use a secondary account to use JTWhatsApp so that you can keep your main account safe from getting blocked!

Except for this particular issue, the app is entirely safe to use. Considering the user experiences of many users, this app doesn’t contain any harmful scripts and malware.

The Bottom Line

I have explained the detailed process of JTWhatsApp Download and install it. And I have mentioned the key features as well. These handy features and the overall experience with this app will provide you a little comfort in your chatting experience.
But again, I want to remind you of the valuable suggestion again. Use your secondary account to use this app. Keep your primary account for the official version.

  • File type : apk
  • Version : v8.95
  • File Size : 46.6 MB