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More About Parallel Space APK

It's quite essential to tell something interesting before deep-diving into the Parallel Space APK  discussion. It's widespread for almost everyone to have a WhatsApp account, and you log in to...

It's quite essential to tell something interesting before deep-diving into the Parallel Space APK  discussion. It's widespread for almost everyone to have a WhatsApp account, and you log in to your account regularly to connect with your friends and family. And we can say more confidently; you have another WhatsApp account that is hidden from others. True right?

This fact is not only actual for WhatsApp. If you are a big fan of playing games like PUBG lite or FIFA 14, then there is a high chance for you to have multiple accounts to play. 

Continuously logging in and out to use multiple accounts is a little bit annoying process. Parallel space was introduced to eliminate this process and make your digital activity a little bit easier.

What Parallel Space APK does?

Parallel space is a cloning app that allows the user to create a clone of any specific app to use multiple accounts within the android ecosystem. This app's uniqueness compelled more than 100 million people to install and use it from Google Play Store. This app holds the ability to serve multiple exciting things that will make you use this as well.

How To Download Parallel Space APK

It's relatively easy to download the parallel space app for your android smartphone. There are many versions of this app on the internet, such as parallel space lite apk or some other versions like this. But we will recommend to you to install the official one.

There are two ways to have this app on your phone. The first way is traditional; you can go to Google Play Store and directly install it from there.

But if you want to save this app as a backup file in your storage, we have provided the app's direct download link. After downloading, you can install it at any time you want.

Permissions That Need For Parallel Space

Whether you use the free version of this app or parallel space pro apk, your smartphone will need to give these some permissions to interfere. But giving these permissions will not fall into risk. These are required to make all the features are functional seamlessly. The permission list has been given below-

Storage Access: 

As the parallel app's signature feature is cloning the original apps, so it needs storage access where the actual apps are located.

Camera Access

Many apps need camera access to function. As you can clone such apps using parallel space, you need to give camera permission to this app.

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Contacts Access

Allows the cloned apps within similar apps, such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, etc., to fetch contact info from Contact App.

Location Access

Allows the apps to perform fluently that need location access to function within the android ecosystem.

Microphone Access

This access permission is needed for the apps that need microphone access, such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, etc.

Features of Parallel Space App

Parallel space holds some exciting features that compelled almost more than 100 million users to install this app on their smartphones. We want to reveal some of these exciting features to you-

Able to clone your app

It's a signature feature that made this app viral among android users. This app will allow you to create clones of almost all the popular social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. 

Using the cloned app, you can use any secondary account you want. It will make your life a little bit easier by keeping you far from frequent logging in and logging out.

Incognito Installation

Parallel space apk latest version comes with a reliable option where you can install many popular applications such as YouTube, Opera, Viber, etc., without sacrificing any space of your phone! The process is quite simple and linear.

  • Go to the Incognito Installation option
  • A bunch of popular apps will appear
  • Select your desired app and install
  • After installing, make a clone of that app using the Parallel Space app
  • Uninstall the original app from the home screen 
  • Now you can easily use the cloned app seamlessly

Password Protection

When it comes to security concerns, then protection becomes a vital part of the discussion. This app will allow you to lock any app with your desired password or pattern lock to ensure your cloned apps' ultimate security.

Speed Mode Functionality

Google Play Store and Google Play Games are two heavy apps that significantly consume a decent amount of ram to keep themselves active in the background. The overall performance gets hampered because of it.

Speed Mode feature will allow you to freeze these apps and get more free RAM to run all the other apps within the Parallel Space app spontaneously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You will find many negative reviews on the internet regarding Parallel App, which can make you a little bit confused before having this app on your phone. Though those reviewers have good points to write such negatively, all these problems are solvable. We want to provide some solutions to some common issues in this section that most of the users are facing- 

Q: My smartphone is getting hot sometimes while using parallel apps. What can I do?

  • It happens when you run multiple clone apps on your phone at the same time. Remember, your phone needs breathing space as well! Try to keep your RAM free as much as possible. You can use the dedicated one-tap boost feature of Parallel Apps to clear your RAM instantly.

Q: Sometimes I feel, the phone gets slowing down while using this app. What should I do?

  • The suggestions you got from the previous question is equally applicable in this case. But there is an added advice, avoid cloning super heavy apps if your phone holds low-end specs. Or you can use Parallel Space Lite APK instead.

Q: Does this app steal any personal information from users? 

  • Till the present day, there is found no allegation like this against this app from the user community. This info confirms that this app uses all the permissions to ensure all your cloned apps within Parallel App can perform seamlessly.

Q: There are many mod versions of this app available on the internet. Are these safe to use?

  • We don't think so. The popular mod version of this app is available with the title parallel space mod apk. Almost all kinds of mod apks are developed by third-party and unknown developers who crack many apps with bad intentions. So most of the time, these are not safe at all.


Parallel Space APK made its authority with its performance among all the other cloning apps available for the Android ecosystem. It's very typical to have some negativity for this app like others. But considering the accuracy of its performance, no app can beat this one for sure. So if you are a multiple account user, this app keeps the potential to satisfy its performance.

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