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Do you want to replace your default gallery app? QuickPic Apk might be the best option for you. With some excellent sorting and editing features, the app is considered one of the best photography apps...

Do you want to replace your default gallery app? QuickPic Apk might be the best option for you. With some excellent sorting and editing features, the app is considered one of the best photography apps. 

In this context, we are going to describe the amazing side of this app. And then, at the end of the article, you will find a QuickPic app download link. So, go through the article and see whether you found interest or not.

Details of QuickPic Apk

QuickPic Android Apk is a light-weight android app for organizing your photos and videos. According to the developer’s name, sometimes the app is called CM QuickPic Apk. It’s a popular app that is chosen by millions of users. 

The app is easy to use and very eye-catching, with the fastest interface. You can sort your gallery according to Name, Date, size, type, Ascending, and Descending order. Moreover, you can also choose your display in grid or list view as well as a gallery with thumbnails and explorers. There are photo editing options available too. You can do what you wish with your photo. 

Features of QuickPic Android Apk

Though the app faces some controversy, still it’s a favorite tool for millions. And why not? The simple and secure app gives an amazing experience that is not easy to give up. Now it’s time to have a good look at the features of the app. So, let’s start.

1. Fast and Light App

The app takes only about 5 MB of space on your device. However, you can sort thousands of photos and videos according to your preference. And scrolling through the videos and photos is also very smooth.  Find your desired photo within a single moment by using a quick search option.   

2. Both Image Viewer and Video Player 

The QuickPic App for android is not only an image viewer but also a video player. Though we prefer a specific video player app to watch videos, you can try it out. Hopefully, it will not disappoint you.   

3. Different View options

If you do not want to just look at your still picture, you can browse your photos in other ways too. There is a slideshow option available in the app that shows all the folder images one by one, just like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp Stories.   

On the other hand, the app automatically displays pictures in landscape or portrait mode according to the image.        

4. Editing options

Like any other Gallery app, the QuickPic Android Apk has also allowed photo edit. You can use filters and effects on an existing photo. Moreover, you can also copy, move, rename an image if you want. 

5. Supports Different Online Album

The QuickPic app for android supports other online photo apps albums. Such as Picasa, Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon, and many others.  

6. Online and Offline Storage facilities

Online storage of a gallery app is a very much needed thing nowadays. The QuickPic cm cloud Apk allows both of them. If you click photos while you are offline, the app will save them. After that, keep it in the CM cloud as soon as your online connection is restored. 

7. Create Moments

Not all photos are important to us, and sometimes we look for that one particular photo that takes a special place in our minds. It will be a pleasant experience if we find those memorable photos in one place, right? The ‘Moments’ option of QuickPic Apk latest version will give you the circumstance. 

8. Share on Social Media Option 

The first and foremost task we do after taking a picture is sharing them on social media. Therefore, without a social sharing option, a gallery app can not go further. The CM QuickPic Apk also thinks the same and creates an opportunity for social media sharing.  

9. Privacy 

Another unique feature of the Apk is the private facility. If you want to hide a picture or video from the rest of the gallery, you can do it with the app by creating a hidden folder. You can also protect the folder with password verification.

10. File Management System 

The QuickPic Android Apk has a robust file management system. You can copy, move, share files as you want. The create new folder option is also available in this app. 

How to download the QuickPic Apk latest version? 

By the time, I hope you definitely want to try out the app. So this segment is to show you the process of QuickPic Apk download and installation. The process is so easy, and with only a stable internet connection and a desire to download the app, you will get the app within a few moments. So let’s see the steps.

Step 1: enable the Unknown Source from the device’s Settings option.

Step 2: click on the QuickPic Apk free download link, which is given below. 

Step 3: After finishing the download, go to your file folder and find the recently downloaded file. Then click Install. 

Within a few moments, your installation will be finished, and you will be ready to explore!


Question 1: Is QuickPic Android Apk available on the Google Play Store?

Answer: Yes, it’s available on the Google Play Store, but the free version is full of advertisements. 

Question 2: What is the latest version of QuickPic Android Apk?

Answer: The latest version of the app is 8.0. And the developer team uploaded the last version on 25 February 2021.

Question 3: Does the app support multiple media files?

Answer: yes. The app supported jpg, jpeg, png, gif, bmp, wbmp, mpo, webp, 3gp, 3gpp, 3g2, avi, mp4, mkv, and many more. 


The QuickPic Apk is relatively more minor in size than other gallery apps that make it unique. I hope this article helps you to learn about the basic things of this app. However, the app is so easy to use. So don’t worry about the working procedure. You can understand all of them as soon as you download the app. You can also learn about “Best Photo Editing Apps For Android” from here.


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