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Root Browser Apk

Root Browser

Root Browser Apk is the ultimate file manager for especially any Android rooted devices. It contains the same tools as any other good file browser. The basic operation you can do is copy, cut, move files and folders also rename the documents.

Root browser App will give you the access to browse through internal file system in your device. It will also allow you to completely control the files by your own. So you will be able to do anything you want with your files.

Rooting a device gives you the access to go beyond the constraints that the developer sets for a device. Its lets you dive deep and do anything you want to do with your device. But it’s also a risk. Apps you will install after rooting will have the access to do anything, also install anything or utilizing anything which is available. That’s why with the root browser you can control that risk.

Root browser Apk Features:

  • Easily delete, move, copy and cut files
  • Read, write and also run files in multiple formats – apk, zip, rar, jar files.
  • Give you access to change the file permission and ownership
  • Two file manager panels
  • Send batch files or any kind of files via email
  • Install new file on your device without hesitation and anywhere.
  • Add files and folders
  • Edit any types of file, also save them
  • Sqlite explorer
  • Bookmark any folder for easy access
  • Execute script files
  • Set Thumbnails for list of files
  • Change theme any time
  • Extract single files from zip, apk, jar
  • Sort your files and folders by name size and date.

Root Browser

Root browser Apk is the key to get access to any rooted device. It allows user to do literally anything. Also it has a great and very easy interface which will make your controlling over the device more interesting and enjoyable. So download Root Browser apk now.

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