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v327.6 by Strava Inc.
(0 Reviews) October 03, 2023
Strava APK Strava APK Strava APK Strava APK Strava APK Strava APK Strava APK Strava APK

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October 03, 2023
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More About Strava APK

Enhance your fitness journey with the Strava APK. Track your runs, rides, and workouts, and connect with a global community of athletes. Download now for the ultimate fitness experience!

Strava APK holds the potential to make your life easier. How? Okay, let me explain.

It’s an open reality that workout is not a fashion nowadays, rather it’s necessary to keep ourselves healthy. And that’s why every morning when your alarm clock starts ringing and rips you out of your dreamland, you get angry but at last, you decide to leave your bed.

I know there are many fitness apps floating on the internet. But there are some apps that you cant find even in the Google Play Store. But considering the features of Strava, it’s a gem!

What is Strava APK?

In simple words, this is basically a fitness tracker app, that does not only track your physical data while you are working out. It collects data while you are walking, swimming, running, and even while you are cycling as well. That’s why many people consider this app as the best cycling app. Now you may say-

There are many apps like this! Then what’s the specialty of this app?

The answer is, its extensive features! In the next section, I will mention some of these key features that may influence you to try this Strava v327.6 MOD APK at least for once.

What Exciting Can This APP Offer?

Every fitness tracker app holds some common features such as step counting, heart bit rate checking, etc. But this app holds some more features that you may find handy while you are working out or hiking a mountain!

  • The App is Freemium

If you want to use this app as a free subscriber, you are allowed to do that. But if you are a big fan of exploring all the features, then this app has payment solutions as well.

  • Distance Tracker

Many people use the Strava apk for walking. But not only while you are walking, but also while you are running or swimming, this app can track all the data regarding distances that you make. 

  • Mile Counter

The mile counter works when GPS is on. It can provide accurate data about how many miles you have walked or run. For this mile counter feature, some people call it strava running app.

  • Goal Setting

This app will allow you to set your workout goal. Prepare your workout plan and let Strava know how much you want to run or how many steps you want to walk daily. All the data will be stored and you can easily monitor how many days you could reach your goal.

  • Training Challenges

Your competition is not only with you. You definitely have some workout buddies who do workout regularly. With strava, you can see the overall progress of your other buddies and feel motivated to take on higher challenges.

  • Route Tracker: 

Suppose, one fine morning you took your bicycle and want to meet your other buddy who is staying in a particular place. But the concern is, there may have multiple paths to reach there. Now, what would be the shortest path? In that case, Strava can help you out!

  • Different Use Cases:

Not only while working out or running, but You can also use Strava while you are swimming, skiing, hiking, walking, running, indoor cycling, rock climbing, doing yoga, gym workout, etc.

How to Use Strava for Running

Considering different use cases, Strava APK needs different types of procedures to maintain. But I want to represent the basics that are needed for any kind of user. If you know the basics, the rest of the using procedure will be easier for you.

Let’s get into the procedure that you have to maintain right after installing.

  • I hope you have successfully installed the app on your smartphone. Now open the app. Right after opening, you will see the following interface.
  • So you are seeing a login page where you have to create your Strava account. There are three options available. From these three you have to pick one to complete the signup process. In my case, I am choosing the Sign up with email option. After clicking on that, you will see the following screen.
  • Give your desired email address and make a password. After that, click on the agree and sign up button.

Creating Your Profile

  • After finishing the whole process, you will see the following interface where you will be asked for providing your personal details. Fill out the form. In my case, I am filling out the form with my personal details.
  • After filling out the form, you will be shown the following interface. In that interface, you will be asked for giving permission for sending updates regarding Strava through E-mail and notifications. If you want to proceed, click on the yes button.
  • Now, time to click on the continue button to agree with the terms and conditions of Strava.

The Finishing Touch

  • In the following screen, you will see Strava is asking for choosing the suitable package for you. You can try the premium version for one month for free, or you can use the free version with limited features. In that case, press the no thanks button.
  • After that you will notice, strava is asking you to give permission for giving the access for syncing your contacts, integrating your social media channels, etc. Considering your mind you can allow these.
  • When you will see the following interface, you are completely ready to rock!
  • Now go to the record option. The following screen will be showing up.
  • A bunch of options will appear, from where you have to choose the run option.

Ending Line

There are many solutions available like the Strava app. But when you want to choose the best one, in that case, Strava will dominate the list! If you are a big fan of workouts and want to share your activity with your other buddies, my suggestion will be to consider this app as your daily companion. I can guaranty you, it will not disappoint you.

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