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WiFI Password APK



WiFi Password APK is the name of reliance for those users, who want to use unknown WiFi networks without getting passwords. And this app is not a scam! Cause you will find it on the Google Play Store.
The reality is - there are thousands of similar apps floating on the internet. And almost none of these don’t work. But I found this app different in this case! This app works perfectly in digging out passwords from almost any WiFi network. And on the other hand, this app is compatible with almost all contemporary android versions.

Yes, this app holds some flaws as well. I’ll let you know the overall details of this app. Just stick with this short discussion to know the necessary details regarding this awesome app!

What Exciting Features Can WiFi Password APK Offer?

WiFi Password APP is not only available for allowing you to connect with unknown WiFi networks. There are other mentionable features that should be mentioned below-

  • Security Guard: You can test your personal WiFi security with this app. There is a dedicated option to find security vulnerabilities. If you want to improve the WiFi security, you can check out our other discussion on Zanti APK as well.
  • WiFi Security Test: This app will allow you to test the security strength of the WiFi networks with what you want to be connected to. And you can be aware of these WiFi networks that are risky to use for third-party users.
  • Hotspot Sharing: This feature is handy for sharing WiFi networks that you are connected with. That means, not only you alone can enjoy free WiFi networks, but also you can share the same network with your friends and family as well.
  • Fast Responsive: Thanks to the developers for building this app super user-friendly and responsive at the same time. The snappy experience will lift your using experience one step ahead.
  • Secure Encryption: It’s an open reality that encryption can provide data security. This app holds end-to-end encryption features that will prevent interference from any third-party black hat users.
  • Easy Synchronization: The app has been developed in such a way that the synchronization between the app and the WiFi network can remain seamless. And it ensures to get a fluent data-consuming experience.

 App Information

Application Name

WiFI Password APK



Required Platform

Android 4.1 (Jellybean) or Higher


6.71 MB



Developer Team

Global Wifi Technology

Number of Installations






How to Download WiFi Password Hacker APK?

As I mentioned at the very beginning of this discussion, the Wifi password apk is available on the Google Play Store. You can easily install it from there. But sometimes you may face a different problem in this case!

Sometimes, from some particular devices, you may not find this app on the Google Play Store. The reason behind happening this is unknown, but it happens. If you are stuck in such inconvenience, you can download the app manually from the direct download link that I have provided in this discussion.

Some Drawbacks!

You have already known how to know WiFi Password in Mobile. There is no doubt that the app is super handy in this regard. But it’s holding some flaws as well that you should know before installing it on your phone. And the cons are-

  • The app can’t dig WiFi passwords from all the WiFi networks. Sometimes it struggles, especially when the password is super complex.
  • It needs a mobile data connection (But only for the first time. So, it’s not a major con at all)
  • Giving locations access to this app is mandatory. I don’t know why this is necessary?

But if you consider these cons softly, then the app is really good for you!

Concluding Note

On the bottom line, what should I say - WiFi Password APK is not the only app that you can consider as your daily companion in regards to digging out WiFi passwords. Considering your need and features, you can install your desired one from the list. But if you are only satisfied with the password digging feature, I think this is one of the unbeatable apps!

  • File type : apk
  • Version : v3.10.3
  • File Size : 6.71 MB