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XP Mod Launcher Apk


XP Mod Launcher

Windows XP Mod Launcher is an application to make your Android look like just the Windows classic XP desktop. Now there are so many Launchers available in the app market with unique design and features. XP may seems back dated but still it’s the best for its simplicity of use.

This Launcher also includes the interface of the classic windows XP. Your Android will look like you are using XP desktop. Everything is the same as it’s in the PC. You will have my computer, my documents, start menu, recycle bin.

Also You can explore all your file like you would in XP. You can also copy, cut and paste. Will have the control panel to control your apps. You can also change the display any time you want.

Windows XP Mod Launcher Features:

  • Easy operating methods
  • Explore wide range of application
  • Easy to switch in other display
  • Login and log off sound
  • Classic view for Android
  • Small size
  • Different option provide
  • Start bar to turn on or turn of
  • Fast process
  • Good graphics quality
  • Different folders
  • Updated version 1.0.1

XP Mod Launcher

About XP Mod Launcher 

Some limitation found like its not completely work in that way. In XP Mod Launcher app when you will open some images or videos it will redirect you to the containing apps going out of the XP mod launcher. The same thing will happen also with the browsers. Even with Internet explorer.

With This you can use several applications at a time as you do in PC. Also, Change your desktop wallpaper, manage your files and folders.

This launcher is probably the best interface changer that you will have for your Android. Completely different from others. Old fashioned but in terms of simplicity its great, and who doesn’t want a simple interface OS. So I recommend try this app. Download XP Mod launcher Apk free from below.

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 1.0.1
  • File Size : 1.7 MB