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More About Bluestack Rooted

Playing PUBG on your beloved android smartphone or tab is common. But not only PUBG, playing any action or sports game like FIFA mobile on the tiny screen is somewhat dull. On the other hand, your PC...

Bluestack rooted Playing PUBG on your beloved android smartphone or tab is common. But not only PUBG, playing any action or sports game like FIFA mobile on the tiny screen is somewhat dull. On the other hand, your PC will not directly allow you to play this game. After all of these, we have a bypass for you.

Bluestack rooted latest version will allow you to play your favorite games on your PC and enable running your android apps that need root access.

Why is Bluestack Rooted Version Needed?

It's quite interesting that most of the android games are fully functional on the Bluestack rooted official version. But not all the apps can function in this case. Some apps need root access to be active within the Android ecosystem.

Many gamers use many cheat apps to have fun while gaming, which allows a gamer to use some cheat trick to get extra advantages to pass challenging missions. In most cases, these types of apps need root access to your smartphone to function.

As you decided to play some android apps or games on your pc that are capable of running only on your rooted smartphone, then in case of playing these on your pc, you need to have the rooted Bluestack rooted on your PC.

After all, rooting your Blustacks will allow you to take those actions that you can perform on your rooted android device.

Which Bluestack Rooted Version is Best For Windows 10

As an android app player for the PC version Blustackes has made authority in this industry. Till today Bluestacks released many versions for PC users since 2011. But not all the versions are capable of running 100% smoothly on every operating system. For instance, Windows 7 is now an abandoned OS, declared by Microsoft.

As per the situation, it's very normal for BlueStackes not to release any feature or bug fixing update for this operating system.

According to the data provided on Blustack's official website regarding this, we can assume the version is the most suitable version for you if your PC is powered by Windows 10.

Some factors were considered before releasing the download bluestack rooted version for Windows 10

  • Enabling virtualization feature for Windows 10
  • Able to use Bluestacks 4 with enabling Hyper-V on Windows 10
  • Resolved the issues on typing Japanese and Chinese language
  • Fixed the GPU Driver not recognizing issue for Windows 10
  • Redeeming X-Box gift card on Windows 10
  • Option to fix camera issues on Windows 10

What Are The System Requirements For Rooted Blustacks Android Emulator?

There need some requirements to meet for the latest version of the Bluestacks android emulator to function seamlessly. The list has been made to help you check out if your pc meets the requirements or not to run the emulator.

Minimum Requirements

Before installing the latest version of Blustack rooted on your PC, try to make sure your PC holds the minimum specs mentioned below-

Operating System: Minimum Windows 7 or above

RAM: Minimum 2 GB and above

Storage Type: HDD/SSD

Free Space Required: Minimum 5GB

Processor: Any Intel or AMD processor

Administrator Permission: Required

Graphics Driver: Up to date

Recommended Requirements

There exists another list that is for advanced users. If you are a great fan of heavy gaming, then our recommendation will be to consider this list before installing BlueStackes on your PC.

Operating System: Windows 10

RAM: 8GB or Higher

Storage Type: SSD (M.2 is most recommended)

Internet Connectivity Type: Broadband (Mainly required for enjoying seamless gaming experience while gaming in multiplayer mode)

Processor: Any processor from Intel and AMD with multiple cores

Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeoForce / INTEL / ATI

Graphics Driver: Up to date

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let's have a discussion on some frequently asked questions that are running around your head. 

Q- Can BlueStacks give you a virus?

  • No. But if you are getting attacked by a virus or not, that mostly depends on your user behavior. If you download any harmful third-party apps and install them on BlueStackes forcefully, there is a high chance of getting attacked.

Q- Can you use a cheat engine on BlueStacks?

  • Absolutely. You can use it for sure.

Q- Where can I find BlueStacks app files?

  • Actually, Bluestack rooted version doesn't work in the way that an android device works. That is why there is no chance to get all the files for different android apps separately. 

But you can follow the sequence (C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\Engine). You will get the file 'Data.vdi' that holds all the file information of all the apps you will install on BlueStackes. 

Important note, don't delete this file if you want to uninstall any app. To uninstall, follow the sequence.

Open Bluestacks> Right-Click on your desired app> Click the UNINSTALL option.

Q- Does Gameguardian work on BlueStacks?

  • Absolutely works! But the installing procedure is a little bit critical. We will dedicate an entire article explaining the full breakdown of installing Gameguardian on BlueStackes.

Q- How To Download Blustackes For Android?

  • No fancy tutorial is needed for downloading the Bluestacks for android. The direct download link has been given below the article. Just click the link, and get your emulator for your PC.

Q- How do I enable root mode in official BlueStacks?

  • We will keep a separate article so that you can enable the root mode with the highest convenience in the official BlueStacks. So, stay tuned with Android Blue!

End of The Discussion

If we make a list of the top 5 dominating android emulators from 2011 to 2021, then BlueStackes will undoubtedly take its first position with great domination.

Though the idea of Bluestack rooted emulator is not much familiar compared to the original version, BlueStackes is the name of reliance among the advanced games community. 

We know this app will not give the experience of Play Station to you. But this emulator keeps the potential to develop your APK gaming experience significantly for sure. After all, playing games on a bigger is an experience that can never be compared with anything else.

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