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Like all, you have some annoying friends as well, right? And that's why you have found out this article to get some guide to do something interesting to your friends. Online SMS Bomber is not a ne...

Like all, you have some annoying friends as well, right? And that's why you have found out this article to get some guide to do something interesting to your friends. Online SMS Bomber is not a new term. The bombing activity from one to other inboxes was started with E-mail at the very beginning.

But nowadays, many online tools and apps are available like this. These will allow you to perform SMS bombing targeting specific numbers. We want to reveal some points on this topic in brief.

What is an Online SMS Bomber?

This online tool allows a visitor to send a large SMS volume. It is generally considered as abusing activity when it performs with bad intention. But some people use this to have fun with their friends. There is some proper usage of SMS bomber as well.

Even white hat hackers nowadays use mail bombing features. they protect organizations from hackers, especially in the US, like online message bombers.

Online SMS Bomber or SMS Bomber App?

There are two types of SMS bomber online free solutions available on the internet. First, some sites offer to use this feature directly. Second, many available apps claiming themselves can give the same service for free.

You might be facing confusion about choosing the right option. But there is one suggestion to you about this. You can use whatever you want to choose, considering your convenience. But there should be some criteria in the checklist to select the right SMS bomber apk.

List of Some Best SMS Bomber APK

There are many online message bombers available on the internet. But you can choose the right android app considering your convenience. The app should have the function to send a bulk amount of messages at the same time.

Let us introduce some best online SMS bomber apps to you about this.

Turbo Bomber APK

It's a popular app for SMS bombing but not available on Google Play Store. The easy and straightforward user interface can blow the user's mind. Considering the convenience and features, we want to reveal some key features of this App

  • Capable of sending 1000+ free SMS at the same time with a single click
  • Fastest SMS sending functionality in Turbo Mode
  • No registration is necessary
  • Name hiding functionality
  • Operational in India region
  • Free to use

Message Bomber

The attractive icon with the highlighting color grabbed many users’ attention to try this. This lightweight and simple App doesn't hold a ton of features like others. Still, it contains some key features that increased its userbase.

The features of this App are-

  • Sending blank messages
  • Copying and sending the whole message bomb from one thread to another
  • Super easy to use as it holds simple options
  • Capable of sending 5000+ messages at the same time
  • Factory default option
  • Operational for the third world country like Bangladesh

SMS Bomber

Another app that is not available on Google Play Store. But gained its popularity with its features. Offering the dominating features will allow you to poke your friends with SMS flood. But without letting them know your name. This App is generally popular among people who are from the Philippines.

The dominating features of this App are-

  • Capable of sending texts to unlimited numbers
  • No delay while sending text
  • Dedicated cancel button to cancel text anytime while sending the texts
  • Fooding many contacts with SMS at the same time
  • No registration required
  • No VPN required


There is some disclaimer regarding this app, that we want to express here. If SMS Bomer is the new term to you, then this part is recommended for you. 

  • All these apps don’t need any root permission to function properly. So if your phone is already rooted, then use these apps carefully. Cause one wrong step can turn your phone into the brick mode.
  • Never try to use fake phone numbers to send SMS.
  • Last but not the list, don’t use these apps for any kinds of negative intention. 


The thing is real that all online SMS bomber holds some limitations. The apps we have mentioned above keeps some limitations as well. But we have introduced the safest apps to you that can give you the real service as you expect.

And these are safe to use. We recommend you choose the App from the list as per your taste and need. Cause all the apps that we have reviewed in this article can meet almost all you need about SMS bombing.

►► Download FIFA mobile apk latest version(size is not more than 100MB). 

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