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Pubg Lite Update 2023

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Pubg Lite Update 2023

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PUBG is banned in India! but still, it couldn’t immobilize the craze of PUBG Lite Update 2021  among the gamers of this country. The fun fact is, the updated version is not yet officially released...

PUBG is banned in India! but still, it couldn’t immobilize the craze of PUBG Lite Update 2021  among the gamers of this country.

The fun fact is, the updated version is not yet officially released on the Google Play Store. But still, gamers are extremely hyped up! And undoubtedly it is one of the best graphics games for android.

In the recent update, PUBG has brought tesla cars and shook the gaming community by storm. They not only put some random tesla models in the game, but they also put the whole Tesla Gigafactory in it from where you can manufacture your desired tesla models while playing the game and kick some enemies’ asses!

But this is not the end, they are going to put some changes in the lite version too.

What are the changes? How to download the updated PUBG lite right now? How to install and enjoy the updated features? All I will explain to you, so don’t worry! But your job is to stick with this discussion.

First Things First! What’s New in PUBG Lite Update 2021?

Though Tencent didn’t state any detailed information regarding the upcoming updates, considering some leaked information regarding PUBG mobile lite update news 2021, the following things will be added when it is finally released.

  • New guns and schemes: With great fire rate, accuracy, damage, and range
  • Winter Festival Vibes: You will see winter vibes in your lobby section after opening the games
  • Winter Offers: You can buy the ultimate quality guns with exciting price-cutting offers
  • Snow Board: It will allow you to escape your enemies while you are in a very crucial time such as while cross-firing with your enemies or when the safe zone is shrinking.
  • Winter Castle: A new place on the map where you can land with your teammates, collect weapons and join the battle to bring down the enemies
  • Frozen Egg: It allows you to make life-saving ice sculpture shields instantly while you are battling with your enemies

But this is not the end! Because these are some leaked information. But in the upcoming official release, we will definitely explore some more exciting extensive features. 

About PUBG Lite at a Glance

Name of the Game


Required Platform

Android 6.0 and Higher


715 MB




PUBG Corporation and Tencent (For mobile version)

Number of Installations


Why PUBG Lite is That Popular?

According to the data of the Pubg Lite Update 2021 and the Google Play Store, the main version of PUBG has been downloaded more than 500M times. On the other hand, the lite version has been installed more than 100M devices. And now gamers are eagerly waiting for the PUBG mobile lite new update 2021 release date.

Now the question occurs, what factors worked behind attaining that popularity for PUBG lite?

I personally think the following factors worked behind gaining that popularity.

  • The Game is Light-Weight: Compared to the main version of PUBG, PUBG lite is far lighter. For being that lightweight, it is playable on low-end devices. 
  • Same Weapons and Arsenals: Though this is the lite version, you will not have to sacrifice any advanced weapon if you play the lite version. Yes, you have to compromise with the graphics quality, but still, it’s decent enough to create excitement.
  • Free to Play: For achieving some particular guns in PUBG, you will have to spend some bucks. But in general, the game is entirely free to play which helped to engage millions of gamers.
  • The Social Interaction: Not necessarily you will have to use your Facebook or Twitter account, PUBG lite allows you to send friend requests to your teammate. This feature helped to build a strong community engagement and make the game super popular.

I know there might have been some other factors that worked behind making the game that popular. If you are holding a low-spec device, you can download PUBG lite and try this out. 

How to Download This Game?

As the game is not yet released officially, the updated version is not on the Google Play Store. Instead, you will have to download the game manually and install it by following the appropriate process.

The beta PUBG lite update 2021 version is available. I have attached the PUBG lite new update 2021 APK download link below. You are just one click away from having the game on your phone storage.

  • File type : Apk
  • Version : 0.21.0
  • File Size : 609 MB

Well! Now How to Install It?

The installing process is a little bit tricky. So don’t rush to install the app by following the traditional process. Stick with the sequential procedure that I’m going to represent here to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Step 1: Make sure your device has more than 1GB of free space. I’m talking about internal memory, not about the external one.

Step 2: A little earlier I have given the direct download link of PUBG lite. This is the beta version of the upcoming PUBG lite. Click on the link and that will redirect you to the Google Drive page.

Step 3: On the Google Drive page you will see a button named “Download Anyway”. Click on the button. It will start the downloading process. (Use Google Chrome Browser for uninterrupted downloading).

Step 4: Go to your phone settings to enable permission for installing files from unknown sources. To make it done, follow the sequence - settings > security > unknown sources > make it enabled

Step 5: Turn on your internet connection. If you are using mobile data, make sure you have at least more than 1GB of data in your account.

Step 6: Go to the folder where you put the game file and install it by following the traditional process.

Step 7: Whenever the process will be finished, open the game. A dialog box will appear asking for downloading some more additional files for the game.

Step 8: Allow the permission and wait for a while. Depending on your network stability and speed, it may take few minutes to download the whole package.

Step 9: You have finished all the processes and steps. Your beloved PUBG lite is now ready to serve!

How To Play PUBG Lite in India?

As PUBG is banned in India, the procedure I have mentioned above may not work in your case. If you are an Indian and stuck in such a case, there is a way out. The process is simple!

  • Install a good quality VPN
  • Turn it on and select Singapore Server
  • After doing so, go to the folder where your PUBG Lite APK file is located
  • Install the game by following the process that I have mentioned above

All set! You are now ready to call your friends to join the battle and wash out some enemies!

Some Disclaimers!

As the game is not officially released, so keep some words in your head before making your playing decision. I want to mention some of these. 

  • Don’t Use Multiple Accounts: Avoid this activity while using this beta version. As it’s not the stable version, it may ban both of your accounts.
  • Use Stable Network Connectivity: If you are an Indian citizen and use VPN to play PUBG, then network stability is extremely important. Otherwise, for the higher ping rate, you will have to face a ridiculous gaming experience.
  • Don’t Push Any Modified Script: There are some people who are advanced enough in game development. If you are one of these, then maybe you are thinking to push some script to manipulate the game feature. Avoid such kinds of activity to avoid being penalized by Tencent Gaming.
  • Stability Issue: Though this PUBG lite update 2021 version is now in trend, you will face some stability issues while gaming. You may face some glitches and bugs that can affect your gaming experience.

Ending Note

Considering the contemporary moment, PUBG Lite Update 2021 is leading the trend in the gaming community.  But at the end of the discussion, I want to provide you a valuable suggestion. And that is, If you are new to PUBG, please don’t rush to grab this beta version. Go for the official version instead.
Because when a PRO player faces glitches or bugs while gaming, they are expert enough to find the way out instantly. But on the other hand, you will struggle heavily whenever you will be stuck.

But yes, if you want to explore what’s coming in the PUBG lite updated version, then you can try it.

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